Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Fire Station

For a friend's birthday party, Ethan got to take a tour of a fire station and of, course, a fire engine. The firemen who gave the tour were probably a little more used to giving tours to school aged children, not two-year-olds who try to lick the tires and push buttons. Ethan loved climbing in a real fire truck. While we were there, an emergency call came in and we saw the firemen put on their gear, hop on the fire truck and take off, sirens and all. When I took the group picture, I said, "Smile!" The funny part was, Ethan was so excited about wearing a fireman hat and standing next to a fireman, Ethan couldn't take his eyes off him and just smiled at him - up close! The fireman obviously thought it was pretty funny, so when I snapped the next picture, he was looking at Ethan smiling at me. Finally I got everyone to look at me in the third picture. Incidentally, we didn't get to see firemen slide down a fire pole; they didn't have one. If they did, I'm sure all of the moms would have asked if we could slide down it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Space Needle Pictures

Jeff and I met on 02/02/02, so every year, we do something fun on Feb 2nd. This year, we went to the Space Needle and afterwards had lunch at a Greek restaurant. Ethan had a lot of fun at the "pace needle" and continues to talk about it. I had plenty of warm snuggle time with Sienna in the carrier.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Well, here's the explanation in less than 1,000 words. We had already taken quite a few pictures and Sienna was getting squirmy. Ethan already sat through two hours of our LDS Stake Conference, and wanted to expend all of his couped up energy. Jeff had been chasing him around trying to get him to be still for only a few seconds to take a picture, but Ethan has having way too much fun throwing rocks. Jeff finally caught him, and the camera took the picture, Ethan still clutching his rock and Jeff looking somewhat frustrated. Well, another realistic family photo.