Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daddy's boy

It's no secret in our house that Ethan's a Daddy's boy. I caught a picture of him waiting at the top of the stairs for Daddy to come home.

Ethan also loves to 'help' (I'm using that term very loosely) Daddy with any projects around the house. So here is our little man with his "Bob the Builder" tool belt and diaper, helping Dad and Grandpa Mardis on a home project.

When my parents come to spend time with us, it's a working vacation for them and a relaxing vacation for me! Notice in this picture I'm not holding a child! I wish they were closer, but I think I would wear them out! I love their company while Ethan and Sienna love Grandma and Grandpa playing with them. Before they came, I told Ethan that Grandma and Grandpa were coming in an airplane to see him. Now, to Ethan, every airplane up in the sky has Grandma and Grandpa in it.

Buster, Bud, Little Buddy...

Buster is a nickname that definitely suits our little guy. Behind that winning smile, he's usually scheming some great plan which involves pushing a chair over to the kitchen counter, climbing up to the cabinets, and making some wild concoction on the counter all under the guise of "I'm cooking wif Mom" (except the fact that I'm not in the room). Or perhaps he's unscrewing the tops of the Costco shampoo bottles and then throwing the bottles down the stairs and watching with glee each bounce shoot more shampoo onto the walls and carpet. You get the picture. These usually happen when I do something selfish like go to the bathroom, or help Sienna fall asleep. But as the other mothers understand, I still absolutely adore my little guy. Somehow in my (sleep-deprived) mind this is evidence of how smart and clever he is. By the way, I also get all the hugs and kisses a mommy could ever want.

Lady Bug, Sweet Pea, Little Lady...

Some of the nicknames that I'm sure will embarrass her in later years. Sienna is such a tender and happy little gal. Now that she's crawling, pulling herself up, and climbing up the stairs, there's no stopping her. She's fast and fearless. Ethan is still the lovable little rascal he's always been. He's beginning to relish the role of 'big brother'. When she cries, I'll often hear him say, "It okay, feetheart, it okay..." He'll also call her "feetie-pie." Then again, he also tries to ride her like a horse when she's crawling around - which she's not too fond of.
What can I say, I'm a proud mommy who adores her kids. I love to take pictures of them; they grow up so fast. I'm so glad I get to cherish every moment of their childhood.

Brenna's Baptism

We are thankful to our family for being so organized to have Brenna's baptism and confirmation, Riley's Aaronic Priesthood ordination (and passing the Sacrament for the first time) as well as Amelie's and Maya's baby blessings all in one weekend. All are events we wouldn't want to miss, but driving over to Spokane that many times would sure wear us out! We are so happy for all of you. These pictures are from Brenna's baptism. Also, I would like to publicly thank Pete, for helping me to keep Ethan under control during the baptism. Ethan generally ignores me, but listens well to 'big guys'.


So we've been to a few little toddler parties recently - which are always a blast. I enjoy visiting with other moms while giving Ethan a chance to get out and practice his caveman-like social skills.The first two pictures are from a community Easter Egg Hunt that also had giant inflatable toys. Jeff and I have come to love anything that helps Ethan wear out all his energy. Do they sell giant gerbil wheels for toddlers? Anyway, here are a few pics.

At this birthday party for a nursery friend, one of the main events was an Elmo Pinata. A few of the kids were hesitant at first to hit Elmo; they stood around looking confused. Ethan warmed up to the idea quickly, though, and gave a few good blows to the good ol' Sesame Street friend. He even fled the scene, and came back with a garden stake and attempted to spear Elmo. That's my boy.