Friday, September 26, 2008

Meal Time Manners - 8/26/2008

If any of our friends are wondering why we haven't had them over for dinner's why. We are still working on meal-time manners.  Usually Jeff and I barely have a chance to sit down. Sienna will not stay in her high chair (she prefers to sit on the tray) and loves to test the law of gravity (yep, still works) by throwing her food. Ethan loves to wipe food in his hair (why dirty a napkin?) and climb on the table (why let Sienna get all the attention?). Dinner time can be quite a law enforcement exercise for Jeff and I (but it burns calories, right?)


That's a cucumber seed on her nose.


Sitting on her dinner.

All By Myself - 9/14/2008

Ethan is always extraordinarily proud when he gets dressed all by himself. He usually hops around acorner and exclaims, "ta da!" Here he is, all ready for church: shirt, tie (inside his shirt)and of course, "pikey hair" (a.k.a. spikey hair). We're proud of you too, Ethan!


Richmond Beach 8/30/2008

So we recently discovered Richmond Beach in Shoreline. It was quiet and beautiful. We even let Sienna crawl around and experience  the texture of sand for the first time - she loved it. 224





Ethan found some burnt wood in a fire pit and decorated himself like a warrior with the ashes - ahhh...little boys.