Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love to See the Temple...

On July 5th, after church we decided to go to the Seattle Temple and walk around the beautiful, landscaped grounds. We've had a couple of Family Home Evenings about the temple recently. We have pictures of the temple in Ethan's and Sienna's rooms and hope they will have a goal of attending the temple when they are older.

As usual, taking pictures of young children with a severe case of the wiggles (it happens when you've been in the car for 20+ minutes)can produce some pretty funny pictures.



I thought taking a picture of the kids in front of the temple hugging each other would be so cute and touching. When I asked Sienna to give Ethan a big hug, this is what they did. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but kind of close, I guess.



After we saw this picture, we realized this shirt was a little small.


After begging the kids to stand next to each other and smile, this was the best we could get.  They look thrilled, don't they?


"Lead me, guide, walk beside me..."




Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Weekend

On Friday, July 3rd we spent a day visiting beaches and playing in the sand! Our first stop was Mukilteo beach  near the lighthouse.






Next we ran up to Kayak Point, which is a beach between Camano Island and the mainland. The water is very smooth, making it an ideal place for water sports. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed our time on the beach.




This is Seinna's "camera smile," believe it or not.



On the 4th, we drove to Puyallup to spend the day with the Horsley's. Ethan loves visiting the cousins and really looks up to them. He is in heaven playing with so many fun boys. Here, Ethan is learning the art of bo staff fighting - very important for a boy to know.

247  250


All tuckered out after a night of fireworks!

Becoming Friends

For the most part, my first job as a mother is to keep Ethan and Sienna separated at all times. If I don't dutifully attend to this top priority, sibling squabbles immediately erupt.  However, the other day (7.2.09) these two little rascals called a truce and snuggled together on the couch while watching a little television. It didn't last long, but I had to capture this moment so I could savor it forever, especially during the rough times.




Little Squeaker

I have to admit, in my completely unbiased opinion, Sienna is quite a little cutie.  She's our muffin-scruffin, honey-pie, and as Ethan will sometimes call her, "fettie-pie" (that's toddlerese for sweetie-pie).


Fathers and Sons Camp-Out

On June 26th and 27th, our ward had the annual Fathers and Sons  Camp-Out! Jeff and Ethan had do much fun camping with the guys. Some of the other sisters in the ward got together that evening for a special "Girls Night Out" and we also went out for lunch the next day!



070  088


Taking a nice Sunday afternoon nap the next day - I love these guys!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everett Aquasox Baseball Game

On June 24th, we went to a minor league baseball game between the Everett Aquasox and the Spokane Indians. Taking two young children to a baseball game was quite an adventure filled with chasing, entertaining, rationing long licorice ropes, and more chasing. Fortunately, on that night the stadium hosted a "family night" with giant inflatables for the kids to jump in. This was especially useful for us since our kids didn't last more than two innings.




Chocolate Pudding

I made some homemade chocolate pudding the other night when Jeff was at an Elders Quorum meeting. Good thing I did it before bath-time. 


Monday, July 6, 2009

Soccer Class

We recently finished a soccer class through  Mountlake Terrace Parks and Recreation.  He had so much fun! You can imagine how delighted I was to hear him say, "I'm tired!" after class!  By the end of the session, his soccer skills surpassed mine (which isn't saying much).


His soccer coach was very patient and did an extraordinary job of teaching 4-years-olds soccer skills (i.e. herding cats).


Ethan's first goal in a real scrimmage!


Another great kick! Didn't quite make contact with the ball this time, but those details will come later.


This is a classic Ethan face.


Sienna liked to dribble the ball off the field.


126 All pictures were taken on 6/11/2009.