Monday, November 30, 2009

Seriously, this is a big deal

Sienna has grown enough hair for pigtails!  Have you ever seen anything so darling? I didn’t know that I could ever be so happy over such delicate, wispy pigtails.

DSC_3539  DSC_3548

Preschool Field Trip to the Farm!

The Washington State Farm that is, in Snohomish, Wa. It is a great farm – we come here every year as a family tradition.  The farm has tire swings, kid construction sites, bales of hay to jump from, John Deere tricycles, hay bale maze with slides, a petting zoo, wagon rides, fresh apple cider and donuts, kettle corn, pumpkins…  We had so much fun!  In Ethan’s preschool class are four other kids from our ward. It was rainy earlier in the day, so Ethan wore his prized fireman raincoat – that makes any day exciting.



This tire swing was cut and shaped in to a horse.


Ethan with his best bud on the wagon ride.


Ethan’s preschool class!


There’s my handsome guy!


The duck races – more exciting than you think!

A Little Catching Up to Do

Just so you don’t think I’ve entirely forgotten about the blog, I thought I might post a few of our recent (or not so recent) events.


First, here is one of our nightly events. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful husband who is such an involved dad.

Jeff loves being a dad.

He reads to the kids every night. He is an engaging story-teller. They have such an elaborate bedtime routine which includes bath-time fun, “wee” - a crazy ride where Jeff wraps them up in their bath towel and swings them around. It beats any roller coaster, let me tell ya! Book reading, made-up stories (like the adventures of peanut butter monkey floating down the chocolate river), tickles and snuggle time. Wow – it’s exhausting just writing about it. No wonder they whine and cry when Jeff is working and mom has to put them to bed.

My birthday – so it was a while ago, but while I’m bragging about Jeff and no one is here to stop me, I’ll share how Jeff made my 31st birthday unforgettable!

It began the night before when Jeff told me he had scheduled a vacation day for my birthday – so I could have a day off! That alone would make any mommy’s birthday. But wait; it gets better. I woke up to a yummy gourmet omelet breakfast. After dropping Ethan off at preschool, Jeff drove me to a surprise destination - a salon, where I had my first pedicure that also included a foot scrub, soak and massage. We went home for lunch, picked up Ethan and drove to downtown Seattle to to go shopping at the Nordstrom flagship store. On the way back, we picked up some cupcakes at Trophy Cupcakes (a gourmet cupcake shop) and dinner at a Thai restaurant – my favorite!







As a perfect surprise, Jeff bought me a new wallet – something I desperately needed, but didn’t have the time to think about. I can honestly say it was the most perfect day, thanks to my wonderful husband and kids. Thanks, family!