Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

My lovely sister-in-law tagged me, so here goes...

3 joys -
1. Hearing Ethan and Sienna's laughter. I know this is a given for any parent, but I tickle them just so I can hear it. I also catch it on our video camera whenever I can. When my kids get older, I still want to be able to remember their laughter.

2. I recently got a sewing machine - it's so much fun. I sewed a quilt for Ethan, modified a shirt for me (to make it modest - Mom, aren't you proud?), and am in the process of sewing some drapes.

3. My husband - He's perfect. I'm grateful for his affection, thoughtfulness, sense of humor, and moral courage and...kisses.

3 Fears -
1. Failure as a parent

2. Having a messy, disorganized house. I stay up late every night cleaning and organizing. It's one way I regain my sanity.

3. Spiders. Ethan put one in his mouth a few weeks ago and I flipped out. Ahh, little boys exploring the world.

3 goals -
1. I would love to go back to school and get a master's degree.

2. Go on a mission with Jeff.

3. Eat my weight in double-stuffed oreos, okay, just kidding, but I do want to have a garden.

3 obsessions -
1. Listening to Dr. Laura in the car. I always learn something from her.

2. Recipes - I could read recipes for hours.

3. Figuring out how things work. If I don't understand how something works (especially in regards to science) it bothers me until I am able to sit down, read about it and figure it out.

3 surprising facts-
1. I beg Jeff to scratch my head and brush my hair.

2. I love to vacuum and do laundry. I know it sounds weird, but after years of stinky college apartment complex laundromats and vacuums that didn't work, I love doing laundry and vacuuming!

3. I ate 8 Krispy Kreme donuts in less than 24 hours and I don't feel bad about it.